Healthy twist on a classic – Pulled Pork – this slow cooker pulled chicken recipe is a great meal prep recipe for those days when you’re tight on time. To save even more time on prep, you can sub in pre-prepped coleslaw mix (without the dressing). Keep in mind some mixes are less fresh than other.

If you have specific macro goals you may need to adjust the quantities or number of servings to better suit your targets. I.e:

  • More (or less) chicken to adjust the protein
  • More (or less) potatoes to adjust the carbs, and/or
  • More (or less) oil to adjust the oil

And if you are tracking, make sure you include the ingredients from the coleslaw when logging your meal in MyFitnessPal (or wherever you track your food)


If you don’t have access to a scale, please refer to the “GHGS Nutrition Tools – Grams per Volume Chart” for some common ingredients and their conversions (or check out Gourmet Sleuth).

Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries & Coleslaw
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Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries & Coleslaw
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  • 600 g Chicken Breast, Raw
  • 200 g Onion, Sliced
  • 80 mL Lemon Juice
  • 80 mL Light Italian Dressing
  • 30 mL Brown Sugar
  • 20 mL Worcestershire
  • 3 cloves Garlic. Minced
  • 120 mL BBQ Sauce
  • Salt & Pepper to Taste
  • 400 g Sweet Potato**
  • 10 mL olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper to Taste
  • 600 g Cabbage, Grated
  • 0.5 tin Green Peas, Drained
  • 160 mL Cottage Cheese*
  • 40 mL mL Light Mayo*
  • 20 mL mL Dijon
  • Salt & Pepper to Taste
PREP - Slow Cooker
  1. Put Chicken & Onion in Slow Cooker, and top with lemon Juice, Italian dression, Sugar, Worscetshire, Hot sauce & Garlic. Cook in Slow cooker on high (~4.5 hours) or Low (~6 hours) until meat "pulls apart" easily.
  2. Transfer Chicken & Onion to a Large Bowl, and "shred"/"pull-apart" with forks.
  3. Add BBQ Sauce and Salt/Pepper to taste. N.B. for extra moisture/juicyness, add some of the juice from slow cooker.
PREP - While Chicken is Cooking
  1. Chop Sweet Potatoes into desired shape (rounds, cubes, fries…) and toss with oil, salt & pepper. BBQ, Grill or Bake until soft.
  2. Place cabbage & peas in a large bowl, blend cottage cheese, Mayo & Dijon in magic bullet (or something similar) and toss with cabbage/peas until well combined.
  1. Once cooked/prepped, re-weigh chicken, sweet potatoes & coleslaw (separately).
  2. Divide each by total number of desired servings and portion into tupperware containers. *N.B.If you prefer not to pre-portion, store chicken, potatoes & coleslaw in 3 separate bowls/containers & serve yourself from these bowls during the week. Use sticky notes to remind you how much of each
Recipe Notes

VARIATIONS *optional* *

  • Switch things up with regular potatoes, or if you're sick of potatoes altogether, try subbing in Squash instead!
  • Replace mayo & cottage cheese with avocado and silken tofu for a dairy-free coleslaw, or for a lighter Coleslaw, try Lemon juice and a dash of olive oil.
  • Replace Chicken breast with Pork Tenderloin and turn this into a pulled pork recipe

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