Growing up I pretty was always active and outdoorsy but never considered myself to be ‘a real athlete’.

2007 Canadian Ultimate Championships
2007 Canadian Ultimate Championships

That all started to change when I discovered Ultimate Frisbee and by the time I graduated high-school I  had played  at a Provincial, National and International Level.  After highschool I decided to combine my love of sport/fitness and the desire to continue learning by getting my undergrad in Kinesology. While completing my degree. Cheerleading ‘replaced’ Ultimate Frisbee and I began competing as a member of the University team. Upon completion of my degree however, I was in need of a new sport, and this is where CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting came in.

Cheer Expo
Cheer Expo 2012

Less than a month after taking up weightlifting I signed up for my first competition, and what started as a hobby turned quickly became a passion which has shaped the life I live today. I currently work as one of the main Coaches and administrators at Raincity Athletics, write blogs/articles for companies like Tabata Times and Blonyx Biosciences, and compete as both a Weightlifter and CrossFit athlete.

I’ve learned a lot about training, sports and health & fitness over the years and I’m still learning today. And my goal is to share my knowledge/experience with others and help them discover a fitter, happier, healthier version of themselves.

I realize not everyone wants to be a competitive athlete and that’s ok; however I do strongly believe in the use of weights, functional movements and high intensity intervals because that style of training can benefit everyone regardless of whether they are

  • a high level athlete
  • moderately fit, or
  • completely new to exercising

Sometimes what holds us back is physical limitation, but more often than not what’s stopping us fear. Fear of looking foolish, fear of failing,  fear of the unknown. But we can’t let that stop us. No one is perfect the first time they try – we all crawled before we could walk (and before that we just sat there drooling) – everyone has to start somewhere and only then can we learn what we are truly capable of.