Thoughts from the Winter Challenge

They say a picture is worth 1000 words; and if I could sum up last weekend with a photo it would be this one… But this is a blog, so let’s do a recap anyways. Last weekend was the 2015 Winter Challenge and the first time I’ve competed as an individual in a year and […]

Cheating in Sport & The Prisoners Dilemma

2015 – Russia is accused of running a ‘state-funded doping program’ and Russian athletes face a potential ban from the upcoming Olympics (Rio 2016) 2013 – Lance Armstrong is found guilty of doping and is stripped of 7 Tour de France Gold Medals. 2000 – The Spanish Paralympic Mens Basketball teams take the Gold Medal, […]

Stress, The Athlete & ‘Psyching Up’ vs ‘Psyching Out’

There is no such thing as a ‘Stressful Situation’ Now before you write me off, let me explain what I mean. Situations in themselves are not stressful; however they have the capacity to trigger a stress response/reaction in us based on: how we perceive the situation whether we believe we have the resources/abilities to meet […]

Online Shaming – The New ‘Stoning’

There was a time when Stoning* was considered a socially acceptable form of punishment for use on people who had broken a society’s law(s),  and even today there are a few countries that still practice it. For the most part, however, stoning has been abolished as a form of ‘law enforcement’ and most of us have a hard […]

EMOMs & Skill Development

EMOMs are often used in CrossFit as a way to program the strength/lifting portion of a class because it forces us to lift in a timely fashion – i.e. not rest too much between sets but not rushing the rest either. In particular, there are two ‘types’ of EMOMs I often see come up in […]