Online Shaming – The New ‘Stoning’

There was a time when Stoning* was considered a socially acceptable form of punishment for use on people who had broken a society’s law(s),  and even today there are a few countries that still practice it. For the most part, however, stoning has been abolished as a form of ‘law enforcement’ and most of us have a hard […]

EMOMs & Skill Development

EMOMs are often used in CrossFit as a way to program the strength/lifting portion of a class because it forces us to lift in a timely fashion – i.e. not rest too much between sets but not rushing the rest either. In particular, there are two ‘types’ of EMOMs I often see come up in […]

Goals, Weightlifting and Sub-Par Performances

Opening clean and jerk (81kg) at Ogopogo. Also the only clean and jerk I made, and one of only two successful lifts (I failed all but one of my snatches). Needless to say, it wasn’t my best competition to date. Technically speaking I didn’t do that poorly; I didn’t bomb and the numbers actually aren’t […]

Banned Substances, Supplements & The CrossFit Athlete

Over the years there have been a handful of  failed drug tests (and disqualifications) at the CrossFit Games but in comparison to other, more established sports, the CrossFit Drug Testing program has been pretty ‘lenient’ and far from foolproof. For example:  It wasn’t until 2014 that  out-of-competition testing came into effect, which means an athlete could (theoretically) use […]

In Defence of ‘WOD-ing’ Less

When learning a new skill, we go through four distinct phases of competency: 4 phases which I like to think in terms of: 1. Introduction to New Skill  – First time seeing a skill (e.g. a Snatch). “WTF is this? Like this….? Do I really need this skill?” 2. Theoretical Understanding – Able to see how it works […]