Personalized nutrition coaching for athletes

From building a foundation, to competition and making weight.

Build a Foundation

Feeling overwhelmed, tired and not sure where to start? Here we focus on building you a solid foundation of nutrition knowledge, tools & tips to help you redefine & rebuild your relationship with food from the ground up.

Optimize your training

Personalized macro prescription based on your sport, training volume and individual needs. This is designed to reinforce good fuelling habits and make minor adjustments to ensure you are peaking at the right time..

Making weight

Making weight for competition takes commitment, but it doesn’t have to be a miserable process that leaves you feeling drained (or bloated) and unable to perform. When done right, you can go into competition at weight and feeling your ready to crush your event.


aka Recent Rants & Opinions

Redos and The CrossFit Open

For a lot of CrossFitters, the Open is one of the most exciting parts of the year ‘CrossFit Year’, regardless of what level they’re at. For recreational CrossFitters it’s a chance to throw down against Read more

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